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Cuddlz All-Over Printed


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Cuddlz diapers from the UK.  Single tapes per side, comes with Bambino Quadro pads.

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This is a 2-unit sample pack of the brand new Cuddlz All-Over Print diapers, now in your choice of medium or large size.  These are plastic-backed diapers imported from the UK that have babyish blue and pink designs all along the outside.  Teddy bears, bottles, stars and binkies are scattered across this gorgeous diaper with a bubbly blue ruffle design along the leg cuffs.  These are one of the few adult diapers out there with a single tape on each side.  It is 70mm wide, similar to the Cushies tapes.

These diapers are a decent thickness, but they'll be even thicker when purchased from me, because I will include 2 of the 6x18" Quadro pads with each of these samples!  Quadro pads cover a large surface area of the diaper and will effectively double their absorbency, without taking away from any of the softness or comfort.  These pads are designed strictly for diapers, as once they have reached capacity, liquid will permeate through the bottom of them into the diaper.
These diapers are not available in North America and I had to import them from the United Kingdom, hence the higher than usual price.  International shipping isn't cheap, ya know!  You will get these within a week of payment, as opposed to the 8 weeks it took me to receive them via import.  A perfect addition to anyone's ABDL diaper collection, as these are very rare to come by and are NOT SOLD ANYWHERE in the US.
They will fit perfectly on a 28 to about a 40-inch waist.
  • Width 7.5"
  • Height 2.5"
  • Depth 10"
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Size M

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